"Sign Language for Everyone: How to Talk to a Person Who Can't Hear"

   is THE most popular Learn-to-Sign Video/DVD in America.

   Here are five reasons why:


1. You learn everything a person brand new to Signing needs.

Christine Jenkins invested her entire inheritance to create this video after she saw "Mr. Holland's Opus", became friends with deaf actor Anthony Natale, and discovered that no such learning tool existed for the general public. She included everything she learned in the first three months of knowing Anthony, so it was made by a hearing person, specifically for others to learn as she did.

2. Baby-sign videos teach only 10- 20 word-signs. And some of them are made up - not real American sign Language!

"Sign Language for Everyone!: How to Talk" has over 300 word-signs! And after a child is two years old, the simple, limited vocabulary from baby-sign is abandoned.These shows can also be used by moms to teach their baby, and carry on through childhood.It is fun for teenage girls to learn from too, even if their only goal is to talk about boys in front of them!

3. Miss Jenkins - a television writer - created the video in a familiar, friendly style, for easier learning.

"Sign Language for Everyone!: How to Talk" shows Signing in everyday, non-forced situations and conversation. Before this video, highly technical, low-budget vids were made for teachers and families of the Deaf. They were exhaustive series - one expensive video for family signs, one for school signs, etc. THIS video includes all areas - family, friends, dating, school, religion, work, vacation, sports, food, day/time, professions, and the alphabet - all in ONE fun hour.

4. This is a great place to start if you are learning Sign Language as your foreign or second language in school, or are considering a career as an interpreter.

We've received many thank-you letters from people who chose the field of interpreting after they saw our video, many who had never even considered it. Hundreds of career schools across America have a copy in their library as a suggestion of a great career, a this video is a great refresher course for anyone wanting to brush-up on their Signing skills.

5. Parents of newly diagnosed deaf children start here too.

When a hearing parent first learns that their child is Deaf, they feel concerned, bewildered, and afraid. THIS video lets them look in on the normal, happy life of a Deaf adult, a teenager, and a child, as they communicate with hearing friends.We received a letter from a family in a rural part of California - their daughter is the only deaf person in their town, so they got 20 copies to pass around the community so that their child would not grow up "in a bubble". WE LOVE BEING OF SERVICE!