Photo Scenes from How to Talk to a Person Who Can't Hear
aka Sign Language for Everyone!
anthony and christie

Christie Jenkins signing "Angel" with Anthony Natale
When Hollywood screenwriter and producer Christie Jenkins saw Anthony Natale in a movie, she tried to rent a signing video and discovered there were none accessible to the general public. She contacted him, they became friends, and she committed her entire inheritance to create this video.

anthony The video stars Anthony Natale, the handsome and charming Deaf actor who played Richard Dreyfus's adult son in Mr. Holland's Opus. He took an elevator ride with Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire and co-starred in the TV show Ellen, the USA movie His Bodyguard with Mitzi Kapture, and has done many commercials and stage plays.
Original music created for this video helps you learn!
Anthony and 12 friends talk conversationally with their voices and hands in 20 different fun locations and situations. Close-ups of each sign are shown twice. In a lighthearted and interesting way, you learn about the deaf and signing while being completely entertained.

Anthony & Beth Ruyak, who often hosts for NBC at news and Olympic events.

Anthony with video creator Christie Jenkins and actor Michael Hagerty.

Anthony and Karen Malina White, co-star of Malcolm & Eddie, and The Cosby Show.

Anthony and Deaf actor Joshua Soudakoff

America's first hearing-impaired comedienne Kathy Buckley, six-time nominee for HBO's "Best Stand-up" Award!

Paul Garozzo, Jeff Grunewald & Thurman Matthiesen ask Anthony how to ask girls out!

Aimee Walker
The last scene in the video is a five-minute documentary on the incredible Aimee Walker. Born deaf, blind in one eye, with no hip sockets, and unable to walk, she became an Elite gymnast on the Olympic track (not the Special Olympics)! See her perform and communicate with her coaches and fellow gymnasts through Sign! She is now happily married and living in Utah.